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Solar panel installations Essex

Introducing Solar PV Panels: Harnessing Clean Energy for Your Home or Business

Solar PV panels offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to generate electricity for residential and commercial buildings. Installed on rooftops, these panels convert daylight into usable electricity, powering appliances, lighting, and even hot water systems within your property.

At the heart of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology lies the ability to transform sunlight into electrical energy. Unlike traditional solar thermal systems, PV panels can generate electricity even on cloudy days, making them highly efficient in utilizing available daylight.

How do Solar PV Panels Work?

Solar PV panels work by utilizing the photovoltaic effect to convert sunlight into electricity. These panels consist of photovoltaic cells made from a semi-conductive material, commonly silicon. When exposed to daylight, these cells absorb photons emitted by the sun, causing the movement of electrons within the semiconductor material, generating an electric current. Multiple cells are interconnected to form a solar panel, collectively producing sufficient energy to power an entire building.

Earn Income by Generating Your Own Electricity

Investing in a solar PV system not only provides you with free electricity but also presents a lucrative opportunity to generate income. Through the government-operated export tariff scheme, licensed electricity suppliers pay homeowners for each unit (kWh) of electricity their solar system exports to the grid. This scheme runs for an extended period of 20 years, ensuring a steady additional income stream while enjoying the benefits of renewable energy.

Planning Permission, Scaffolding, and Roofing Considerations

In most cases, solar PV installations do not require planning permission unless the property is listed or of historical significance. This is very rare and if planning permission is needed we will help you through your application.

Scaffolding requirements vary depending on the property, but we strive to minimize disruption by erecting and removing the scaffolding within one day of the installation. Our specialists often utilize scaffold towers, allowing for a swift and efficient installation process.

With regards to roofing, the majority of roofs can accommodate solar panels without the need for reinforcement. For flat roofs, we offer specially designed frames set at the optimal angle to capture daylight. Our team conducts a thorough structural survey to ensure your roof’s suitability for installation, leaving you with peace of mind.

Warranty, Maintenance, and Guaranteed Performance

Solar PV systems are remarkably low maintenance and come with a comprehensive 25-year warranty, offering long-term reliability and protection. Once installed, there are no running costs involved, and in fact, you are financially rewarded for generating your own electricity through the Feed-In Tariff. To ensure optimal performance, we recommend an annual panel cleaning, which can be easily carried out from the ground using specialized equipment.

Solar panel installations Essex

Start Saving on Energy Bills Today

If you’re eager to reduce your energy bills and generate your own free electricity, don’t hesitate to reach out to our energy-saving experts. Discover the many benefits of solar PV panels and take a significant step toward a greener and more sustainable future. Contact us now for a consultation.

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What We Offer

Prime Time can tailor a PV Solar solution to your meet green energy requirements. First start with a PV Solar Panel package and then choose to enhance it with optional Battery Storage and/or an EV Charging Point.

Solar Panels

We will install a number of Solar Panels onto your roof, they converts FREE energy from the sun into electricity that can be used within your home or commercial property.

Battery Storage (Optional)

Add battery packs to your system to store energy generated from the sun for use through out the day and night.

EV Charger (Optional)

Add an Electric Vehicle Charging point to charge your car with electricity generated from your solar panels.

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Why Buy Solar Panels?

Generate Your Own Electricity
Save On Your Rising Electric Bills
Start Your Off-Grid Journey
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Help Protect the Environment
Solar Panels can help you Reduce Energy Costs, Earn an Extra Income,
Invest for your Future and Save the Planet.
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What Is Solar and How Does It Work?

Simply, Solar Panels are an environmentally friendly way to produce energy for your home or office. Once installed onto the roof of your property the Solar Photovoltaic panels turn daylight into electricity, which can be used to power appliances, lighting and even hot water inside your property.

Why Choose Prime Time Solar?

At Prime Time Solar we can offer a turnkey solution for your energy saving requirements, to our in-house energy saving experts down to our experienced, professional Installation teams, ensuring a smooth process and good experience throughout. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Rising Energy Bills

The price of Electricity and Gas is rising monthly so there has never been a better time to install Solar Panels on your property! As soon as your installation is complete you will start generating your own electricity for free!

Free Survey & Quotation!

If you are interested in more information, please give us a call and we can assess your properties compatibility with the solar products. Following on from this we can send you a qualified surveyor who will carry out an assessment on your property and will be able to give you a quotation.

So if you are interested in saving money on your energy bills and generating your own electricity, then do not hesitate to speak to one of our renewable energy experts today.

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