Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers

Electric Vehicle (EV) charger installations Essex

What is an EV Charger?

An Electric Vehicle Charger, also known as an EV charger, is a device that allows you to charge your electric vehicle at home, providing a convenient and efficient way to recharge your vehicle. With an EV charger at home, you can plug into your car whenever convenient, negating reliance on often-unreliable public charging points. Having an EV charger at home can also save you money, as charging your vehicle at home is usually cheaper than public charging stations, allowing you to maximise the cost savings and efficiency of owning an electric car. 

Do I Need an EV Charger?

If you own an electric vehicle or plan to buy one, having an EV charger at home is highly recommended. While some electric cars come with a portable charger to plug into a regular electrical outlet, an EV charger offers several advantages:

Faster Charging

EV chargers provide faster charging speeds compared to a standard household electrical outlet. This means you can charge your electric vehicle more quickly, allowing more convenience and flexibility.


Efficiency and Safety

EV chargers are designed to provide safe and efficient charging for your electric vehicle’s battery. They have built-in safety features, such as temperature monitoring and automatic shut-off, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of overcharging.


Compatibility and Flexibility

An EV charger is tailored to work with your specific electric vehicle and its charging requirements. With different charging levels and connector types available, you can find an EV charger that suits your needs and offers compatibility with various electric vehicle models.

Types of EV Chargers

A few different types of EV chargers are available, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your charging needs and budget. The most common types include:

Rapid Chargers

Rapid chargers, also known as DC fast chargers, provide the fastest charging speeds. These chargers can charge your electric vehicle up to 80% in a short amount of time, making them ideal for long-distance travel or when you need a quick charge on the go.

Fast Chargers

Fast chargers, also known as Level 2 chargers, offer a faster charging speed than a standard electrical outlet. These chargers are typically installed at your home or workplace and provide a convenient way to charge your electric vehicle overnight or during the day.

Tethered or Untethered Charging System

EV chargers can come in either a tethered or untethered configuration. Tethered chargers have a built-in cable permanently attached to the charging unit, while untethered chargers require you to use your own charging cable. The choice between tethered and untethered depends on your preference and convenience.

We offer a variety of EV chargers from top brands such as SolaX, GivEnergy, and Zappi. SolaX provides a range of charging stations that are efficient and reliable, ensuring a fast and safe charging experience.

GivEnergy chargers are known for their innovative features, including smart charging capabilities and compatibility with renewable energy sources. Zappi chargers are designed with sustainability in mind, offering intelligent charging options that prioritise the use of excess solar power.

With these brands, we provide a wide selection of EV chargers to suit different preferences and requirements.

Electric Vehicle (EV) charger installation Essex

The Advantages of Having an EV Charger at Home

Having an EV charger installed at your home offers numerous benefits:


With an EV charger at home, you can conveniently charge your electric vehicle overnight or whenever convenient—no more trips to public charging stations or queuing for an available charger.

Cost Savings

Charging your electric vehicle at home using an EV charger is generally more cost-effective than relying solely on public charging stations. Take advantage of lower electricity rates during off-peak hours to save on your charging costs.

Energy Independence

By pairing your EV charger with a solar power system, you can power your electric vehicle using clean and renewable energy. Maximise the use of solar power and reduce your carbon footprint.

Increased Property Value

Installing an EV charger at your home in Essex and the south east can increase the value and appeal of your property. With the rising popularity of electric vehicles, having an EV charger is seen as a desirable feature by potential buyers.

Choose Prime Time Solar for Your EV Charger Needs

At Prime Time Solar, we understand that investing in an EV charger involves many questions and considerations. That’s why our experts are available to answer any questions and provide personalised advice and guidance to help you find the perfect EV charger for your electric vehicle.

Our professional installation ensures that your EV charger will be installed safely and according to industry standards. We provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your charging experience is seamless and worry-free.

Contact us today to learn more about our EV chargers and how we can assist you in embracing greener and more sustainable transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of an EV charger?

The cost of an EV charger depends on the type, model, and features of the charger. Rapid chargers are generally more expensive than fast chargers, and tethered systems cost more than untethered systems. At Prime Time Solar, we offer affordable and competitive pricing on all our EV chargers, and our experts can assist you in selecting a charger that fits your budget and charging needs.

How long does charging an electric vehicle with an EV charger take?

The time it takes to charge an electric vehicle depends on the power level of the charger, the battery size of the car, and the state of charge. Rapid chargers can charge up to 80% in less than 30 minutes, while fast chargers may take a few hours. It’s important to note that charging time may also depend on the electric vehicle’s specifications.

Can an EV charger be used for different brands of electric cars?

EV chargers come with different charging connectors, so ensuring the charger is compatible with your electric vehicle’s specifications is important. However, some universal chargers can work with different brands of electric cars. 

Do I need a special circuit installed for an EV charger?

Yes, charging an electric vehicle requires a dedicated electrical circuit to handle the power output. A professional electrician can assess your home’s electrical system and determine the optimal placement for the EV charger and the necessary electrical requirements.

Does an EV charger require regular maintenance?

EV chargers are designed to be low-maintenance and come with manufacturer warranties. However, it’s important to ensure that the charger is kept clean and free of debris and that the electrical connections are safe and secure. 


Can I Install an EV Charger Myself?

While installing an EV charger yourself is possible, hiring a professional electrician to handle the installation is highly recommended. Installing an EV charger involves electrical wiring, which can be dangerous if not done correctly.

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