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Solar panel optimisers Essex

What is a Solar Optimiser?

An optimiser is a small device attached to each solar panel in a solar energy system.

The optimiser is designed to optimise the performance of each individual panel, ensuring that your system operates at its highest efficiency.

Solar optimisers offer an alternative to micro optimisers, giving the same benefits whilst using a single inverter.

Do I Need an Optimiser?

If you have a solar energy system or are considering installing one in Essex or the south east, optimisers offer several advantages that make them a worthwhile investment. Here are a few reasons why you may need an optimiser:

Shade Management

Optimisers enable individual panels to operate independently. This means that if one panel is shaded or underperforming, it won’t affect the entire system’s performance. This shade management feature ensures you get the maximum energy output from your solar array, even in less-than-optimal conditions.

Panel-Level Monitoring

With optimisers, you can easily monitor the performance of each individual panel. This detailed insight allows you to promptly identify any issues and take appropriate action, ensuring that your solar system operates efficiently.


Optimisers offer greater flexibility and scalability compared to traditional solar systems. You can easily expand your solar array by adding more panels with optimisers without worrying about the limitations of traditional string inverters.

The Benefits of Solar Optimisers

Investing in optimisers for your solar system offers a range of benefits:

Higher Energy Yield

Optimisers contribute to a higher overall energy yield by allowing each panel to perform optimally, regardless of shading or performance variations.

Enhanced Safety

With optimisers, the system operates at a lower voltage, reducing the risk of electrical hazards and improving the safety of your solar installation.

Greater Reliability

The individualised design of optimisers ensures that if one panel fails, the rest of the system continues to operate seamlessly. This redundancy feature enhances the reliability and longevity of your solar energy system.

Real-Time Monitoring

Optimisers provide real-time data on the performance of each panel, allowing you to monitor your energy production and consumption, optimise your energy usage, and save on utility bills.

Which Solar Optimisers Do Prime Time Solar Offer?

We utilise Tigo optimisers, a leading brand in the industry. Tigo optimisers are known for their exceptional performance, reliability, and innovation.

They are designed to maximise the power output of each solar panel, providing reliable and efficient energy conversion.

Solar panel optimisers Essex

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At Prime Time Solar, we’re committed to providing exceptional solar solutions that deliver optimal performance and energy efficiency. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process, from design to installation, ensuring you receive a reliable and high-performing solar system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can optimisers be retrofitted onto an existing solar system?

Yes, optimisers can be retrofitted onto an existing solar system, depending on the type of inverter currently used. A qualified solar professional can assess your system to determine if retrofitted optimisers are suitable for your situation.

Do I need an optimiser in a small solar system?

Optimisers can improve energy yields and system performance even in small solar systems. Shade management and individual panel monitoring are particularly important, as even a small amount of shading can affect the entire system’s performance.

Where are optimisers installed in a solar system?

Optimisers are typically attached to the back of each solar panel, either during installation or as a retrofitting option. They are connected to a monitoring system that provides individual panel performance data in real time, allowing you to optimise your solar energy usage.

Can I use optimisers with other components in my solar system, such as batteries?

Yes, optimisers can be used in conjunction with other components in a solar system, including batteries. They provide accurate monitoring data, allowing you to optimise your energy usage and effectively manage your energy storage.

If you have further questions or need more information about optimisers and their benefits, our knowledgeable team at Prime Time Solar is ready to assist you. Contact us today for a personalised consultation.

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Add battery packs to your system to store energy generated from the sun for use through out the day and night.

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What Is Solar and How Does It Work?

Simply, Solar Panels are an environmentally friendly way to produce energy for your home or office. Once installed onto the roof of your property the Solar Photovoltaic panels turn daylight into electricity, which can be used to power appliances, lighting and even hot water inside your property.

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At Prime Time Solar we can offer a turnkey solution for your energy saving requirements, to our in-house energy saving experts down to our experienced, professional Installation teams, ensuring a smooth process and good experience throughout. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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The price of Electricity and Gas is rising monthly so there has never been a better time to install Solar Panels on your property! As soon as your installation is complete you will start generating your own electricity for free!

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So if you are interested in saving money on your energy bills and generating your own electricity, then do not hesitate to speak to one of our renewable energy experts today.

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